1. Parties Involved This Terms of Conditions ("Agreement") is concluded between the person who registers as a user on the site at Smmeurope.com ("Site"). Although the contract enters into force with the acceptance of the user in electronic environment, it will remain in effect unless it is terminated within the scope of the procedures contained in the Agreement.

2. Subject and Scope of the Agreement This Agreement regulates the general terms of use, general rules and legal responsibilities of the parties for any service you will receive from Smmeurope.com. The contract should be read prior to membership and use of the Site, and the Site should not be used if the specified conditions do not comply with the user's will. The user is deemed to have accepted the written conditions by registering on the Site, filling out the form with personal information or using the site. Smmeurope.com reserves the right to change and/or stop all kind of service, product information, terms of conditions, and the content on the site without the need for prior notice. Any changes to the contract, enters into force with the date of publication on the site. smmeurope.com provides online service only and provides instant (shipping-free - online) delivery. The service, which cannot be completed for any reason, is completed within a minimum of 30 days by informing the user. If it cannot be completed, the service will be canceled and a refund will be provided. Otherwise, no refund can be provided in any circumstances. The rights of the user arising from the Law on the Protection of the Consumer are reserved to the extent appropriate.

3. General Use Services provided through smmeurope.com are paid unless stated otherwise. The use of the site may be blocked by the user in legal obligations or in the following situations; smmeurope.com reserves its legal rights for the person (s) who perform, attempt, or participate in the aforementioned: 1- Copying of the site content in whole or in part. 2- Saving/broadcasting inaccurate, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, expressions that do not comply with general ethics and information and content that are in conflict with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. 3- The user is directly responsible for sharing the information of users such as username and password, the usage rights with third parties (including the use of the system other than the user) and any damage resulting from it. However, the user cannot use someone else's credentials, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, or access or use other users' private information. Otherwise, the user is deemed to have accepted any legal and criminal liability that may arise. 4- Using software that will threaten the security of smmeurope.com and other users, disrupt, endanger or prevent the operation of the Site, carrying out activities, attempting to do it, attempting to do so, or obtaining, deleting, changing information.

4. Use The corporate identity, appearance, contents, domain name, brand name, logo and other materials, the intellectual and industrial property rights of the site are owned by smmeurope.com and are under legal protection. The aforementioned materials cannot be copied, reproduced, changed or distributed in any way. The contrary actions cause legal and criminal liability. All rights of smmeurope.com arising from the relevant laws are reserved.

5. Responsibilities / Liabilities Users and visitors cannot take any action that would prevent the use of the Site, make it difficult, force it through automatic programs, or attempt to cheat. Otherwise, the user accepts that its membership will be terminated and any legal and criminal liability that may arise. It is the responsibility of the individuals to back up the messaging made through the site and it is recommended to prevent any kind of grievance. The Site cannot be held responsible for the loss, deletion or damage of the message contents. User deletion or membership cancellation can be performed by the user by creating a support request. The user who requests this process accepts that there is no return and loses his / her authorization to enter the site. However, the Site may decide not to delete any record belonging to the user requesting its deletion. The user cannot claim any rights or compensation for deleted accounts. The site has the right to reach the user for communication, marketing, notification and other purposes through all communication channels provided by the user via registration, unless there is a written notice to the contrary. By accepting the contract, the user accepts and declares that the Site can engage in the above-mentioned communication activities, unless there is a written notice to the contrary. However, the Site may set different rules and obligations for certain services. Users using these services are deemed to have accepted in advance. All rights of the site arising from the relevant legislation are reserved. Contrary actions lead to legal and criminal liability.

6. Service Continuity Site may make changes to the Contract unilaterally without the need for notification in order to ensure the continuity of its service. It has the right to suspend the service permanently or temporarily, change the content of the service or cancel it at any time and without any justification. These changes will have effect and result from the moment they are published, will be updated with the date on this page, and if deemed necessary, users will be notified via e-mail or SMS. As soon as any of the reasons for termination occurs, the liability of the Site towards the user ends without any notification.

7. Privacy The information of the users visiting the site can be followed in order to provide better service. The operations made by the users on the Site and the content of the service are kept confidential and not shared with third parties. Orders placed by the user are shared with service providers. However, if requested from official government agencies, the records can be submitted to official government agency officials. The credit card information required on the payment page is not kept by the Site or on the servers of the service companies in order to keep the security of the users who upload the balance to the site at the highest level. For this reason, payment transactions take place between the Site interface and systems such as bank, online payment and your computer or phone. Although users can access the information entered into the system themselves, they can also make changes themselves. No other user is allowed to access or modify this information in any way.

8. Return Policy Before the expiration of the right of withdrawal, the user cannot use his/her right of withdrawal in the service contracts whose service is started with the approval of the consumer. Your cancellation / refund request will not be accepted after the orders are entered into the system. The system will automatically issue a refund if the order is not / partially completed. Since the payment made cannot be refunded, it can be used for the services on the Site. Site does not guarantee and declare that the likes, followers, views and other services will be permanent, and in the event of a decrease, it does not accept any responsibility as it cannot be returned unless the service provider makes compensation. Follower orders placed may be (all) deleted or not deleted after (1) day (1) month (1) year. Although you do not have any say in the declines, you do not have any complaints. Nu refund will be made by smmeurope.com unless the service providers returns it under the certain cases of account privacy, user name change etc. during the order.